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Introducing the ALL New Patey PROtector

The all new British made Patey PROtector with its SNELL E2001 accreditation has the highest international safety standard in the world and can be used in all competitions throughout the whole field of equestrian sport. The Patey PROtector still provides discerning riders with the chic, stylish finish of the classic Patey.

According to the British Equestrian Trade Association:

“[Snell E2001] is the newest standard, developed in America by the Snell Institute. It is a higher performance standard which includes all aspects of ASTM and PAS 015 but with a sharper horseshoe anvil (to replicate a horse kick or impact with a sharp surface), higher impacts and an additional hemispherical anvil to represent an uneven but not sharp surface such as a tree, fence or cobbled surface.”

The four main safety certifications are BSI Kitemark in the UK, CE Mark for Europe, SEI for the US and the SNELL Internationally. Each certification requires initial helmet testing before they issue their certification. SNELL perform regular ongoing testing of the hats in accordance with the most recent safety information.



Available from March 16th and retailing at an introductory price of £495
The Patey PROtector will be available to buy from the Patey shop at
35 Connaught Street, London, W2 2AZ, as well as the various shows
throughout the UK and Ireland.

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